Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Harry Wong and SPAGE Conferences...

Today was a lazy day before class. I was off work and spent the day sleeping in and watching my newest obsession of a show. I am sad that it is not yet on NetFlix.

This obsession is known as The Big Bang Theory.
I know, I know it has been on for 6 seasons but that just means I have a ton of episodes to catch up on!
Mr. Word has his Walking Dead and I have The Big Bang Theory. :)

I must admit that I am also becoming pretty fascinated with all things Harry and Rosemary Wong.
We are using this book for my Prep. and Organizing Edu. class:


It is an amazing book. It feels more like a fun read than a book used for a college course.
I am eager to read more of his books and (hopefully) get the chance to see him speak in person at conferences.
I will have to stick to YouTube videos for now, ha!

Ah yes, that brings us to conferences. (I love these things!)
I am a member of SPAGE (Student Professional Association of Georgia Educators) and they are hosting a day conference in my home city of Macon, Georgia. I am super excited!

I have to chose 2 workshops to go to out of all of these:

1. Dealing with/Reducing Stress for First-Year Teachers
2. Effective Time Management
3. Motivating the Student Learner
4. Collaborating with Teachers--Why and How
5. Money for the Classroom
6. Differentiated Instruction - How to Meet the Needs of All Students in the Real World
7. Family Involvement in Education - How to Deal with the Reality of Both Uninvolved and Demanding Parents
8. Common Core Standards—Finding Resources to Teach the Standards

How in the world and I suppose to just choose TWO?! 
I want to go to them all! Oh well, I am hoping there will be notes online after it is over.

Well, that is all I have for tonight...I leave you with this basset awesomeness..

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