Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oops. :)

Whoa. I just remembered it has been a while since I last blogged.

Hmm... nothing much has happened.

I FINALLY was able to find a good hair stylist in only took over a year!
If you are around the Athens, Ga area, check out Mint Salon's FaceBook!

It is the middle point of the semester (ALREADY?!?).
2 Midterms down...tons of assignments to go!

PAGE Conference on Saturday....SUPER Excited!! :)
Then, fishing with my Dad and Mr. Word!
I hope to have photos and info to put on here after the day is over with. 
Maybe even a few photos of the fish? Ha!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Phonics Test, Cars and Cups...

My Zulily basset cups came in!

Yay, yay, yay!!
I cannot wait to get the cup on the left
personalized with "Mrs. Word"!!

My baby, Cammy, is getting so old...

She hit the big 89,000 tonight!

Agh! I got her at 42k about 2 years ago.

If you are ever around the Athens area,
Heyward Allen is an amazing dealer that will treat you right!*

In school news...

Tuesday I went to my 5th grade class and picked the lucky student to perform the
Ultimate Phonics Test and Phonological Awareness Reading Test (P.A.R.T.).

Next is the Vocabulary/Word recognition...we shall see how that one goes.

The kiddies loved their accordion, basset valentines and I made
them a cake...needless to say, I hyped them up and sent them home. :)

* Heyward Allen has not paid me for my opinions, they really are wonderful!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Good day, Goodwill...

Today was an awesome day filled with:

- Sleeping in
- Goodwill x2 (East and Westside of Athens)
- Longhorn

As always, Goodwill was great to me.
On the Eastside, I found this beauty that reminded me of 5th grade.
A GeoSafari!!!

On the Westside, I found two items that also reminded me of my Elementary youth.
 Babysitter's Club books!!! 
I am going to use these in my classroom library!

Not only did I get those books...

I got #1 in the series. Random.

Bogart is still unimpressed, haha.

Now, please excuse my while I go get my Geography on!
Hope y'all had a great weekend!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Let me be {Lisa} Frank...

I saw this on Pinterest and HAD to share...
I found it HILARIOUS...

"Lisa Frank is not the name of a woman, it is the name of a movement, a culture, a way of living. 
It is a theory, a concept, a belief in something greater than yourself.
 It is the belief that all girls are entitled to dolphins covered with rainbows, 
jewel-encrusted frogs, and unicorns in acid-trip colors hugging each other.
 It is the ideology that no notebook is complete until it literally hurts your eyes
 to look at from so much color saturation. It is the hope that no school supply, 
no matter how insignificant, will be left un-bedazzled. 
It is the knowledge that your eraser cap, and that of your granddaughter’s, 
and her granddaughter’s after her, will not be some boring little nub–it will be a 
diamond covered with butterflies in a rainbow of colors. It is the dream of a better tomorrow."

I couldn't have said this better myself...

I cannot get over..

how much I LOVE Zulily!

Where else can you find REAL Gucci products for cheap (by Gucci standards)??

But only for the next 14 hours.

What about super cute home decore professing your love for your significant other??

Again, you have 14 hours.

My teachers out there in cyber will appreciate this one.

Yep, you guessed it. 14 hours.

Adorable, girl Easter clothing is at this shop.

The pattern continues...14 hours.

The bigger the bow, the better the Mama.
- Southerner

14 hours.

You get the idea of how awesome it is...check it out.

Oh yeah, these are also my personal opinions...
I wish they would pay me to say this but...they didn't.

Amazing clothes, amazingly affordable!

Check out my friend's online clothing, shoes and other accessories boutique!!

Ella Bleu Official Website


Super cute items, with FREE SHIPPING!!

Thirty One and Baby Shower Planning Fun!

First things first. No, I am not pregnant...haha, moving on.

One of my good friends is pregnant with her second child 
and I am wanting to throw her a "sprinkle" baby shower.

If you are like most people and have no clue what a sprinkle party is, click here.

I am waiting to talk with her more to see if she is on board and if so what she really needs.
You can then read along as I Pin many things on Pinterst 
and post the other shenanigans that will go on during planning and at the actual shower.
No pressure Tiffany! ;)

Until then, lets talk Thirty One! :)

I went to a Celebrate and Connect meeting today. It was GREAT!
I met a lot of nice ladies and ate a lot of chips and queso. It was a win-win.

I am sure most of you are not familiar with what goes on at these meetings. 
We talk about 31 product coming out, specials coming up
 (March and April's deal is AMAZING!), announcements from Home Office
 and any other important information the host might have.

One of my favorite things about these meetings...other than gaining knowledge...

Nope, not the dog...the Easy Breezy Tote!

Lots of room!

LOVE the colors. Very summery!

Perfect beach (or cruise!) bag.

Adorable dog not included. :)

Talk about handsome! Oh yes, and the bag is cute too. :)
If you cannot tell, I love bassets and chevron, hah!

Anyways, this awesome bag, the Organizing Pack, is a hostess exclusive.
Host a party, get this bag for only $40!! It is valued at $120!!
See the photos below to see why.

Great, padded shoulder strap. 

Bogart is not impressed with my photography skills...
Full on back shot of the Organizing Pack. 
It zips at the top to allow you to put in a laptop/ipad/tablet/etc.

This bag is an amazing camera bag but it can be converted into
a backpack for a child or bag for a mother on the go but simply 
taking out the compartments shown above.

It also comes with a water bottle sleeve that fits on the side of the bag.

Now, that cute basset you have seen "modeling" with the wonderful product 
was so patient and let me take some glamour shots without the product.


I sure do love my Bogie boy!

Cruise countdown: 23
Belize countdown: 83

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Suger pie, honey bun...

it's Valentie's day!
With me working in a card and gift shop,
you can bet your box of chocolate that I saw my share of frantic shoppers.

Today was a very good day full of friends, good food and sweet gifts. :)

Below are my gifts from my sweet Mr. Word.

Next, he got take out from one of my favorite Mexican restaurants because I had to work late at work.

Love it.

Love. My. Roses!

Card from my parents. :)

One of our favorite places to eat!!

Now time for Mr. Word's gifts from yours truly! 

If you know me, you know how much I love a good leopard print. :)

LOVE this bag.

I must say, this is QUITE the spread.

Hope y'all had a great Valentine's day!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Big Bang Theory and Harry Potter Fashion Statements...

Two of my loves. One old and one new can now be proudly presented to the masses on me.
I ran into a Hot Topic today and they happened to be having a buy one get one 50% off sale!
Check out these awesome shirts... 

My long time love, Harry Potter.

My new found love, The Big Bang Theory.

Before I went out and found these jewels, 
a friend and I went to the college for an Education Club meeting.
Lots and lots to look forward to this year!
I am so glad to be in such an active club.
We are going to have a book fair, trunk-or-treat, 5k and a multitude of other exciting things!
Look for photos of these events!

Oh yeah! Don't forget, tomorrow is Valentine's day! 
I cannot wait to give Mr. Word his gifts!!

Belize countdown: 86 days!!
Cruise countdown: 23 days!!

Thirty-One will hopefully get me to Belize...

Who wouldn't want the chance to both purchase cute Thirty-One items AND help me get to Belize!? From now until March 15th (the deadline for payment to Belize) all profit from Thirty-one will go to that. If you are interested, please email me.

Below is the special of the month. 

Spend $31, get this adorable  keep it caddy for only $5!!! (Reg. $22). 

Or if you would like to donate directly, the link is:

OR, if you would like to just make an online order, you can visit my direct 31 page here.
Also, remember...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Last minute Valentine ideas...

for teachers, parents, everyone! Get the item listed in the right column and write or print out the cute saying from the left column that matches. Easy and cute!

1. Stick with me, Valentine                                       pixie sticks
2. You’re the bomb                                                  wrap rolos in red construction paper
3. Don’t ever change valentine                                  bag of chocolate coins
4. Have a super Valentines Day                                sucker decorated like a super hero
5. I “chews” you as my Valentine                              gum
6. We’re mint to be                                                   mints
7. You’re a great catch                                              Swedish fish
8. You’re extra special to me                                     Extra gum
9. Happy Valentine, toots!                                         Tootsie rolls
10. You rock, valentine                                              pop rocks, rock candy
11. You krack me up                                                 krackel mini chocolate bars
12. I like the way you roll                                           rolos
13. Happy valentines Day to all my peeps                  Peeps
14. Thanks for making me snicker                              snickers
15. You’re outta this world                                         orbit gum
16. I’m crazy for you                                                  sour punch straws
17. B Mine                                                                Butterfinger
18. You’re sweet                                                       any candy
19. You’re as cute as  a button                                  button candy
20. We’re 2 of a kind                                                 2 of any candy
21. You stole a piece of my hear                               reeses pieces
22. It’s a joy being your firend                                   almond joy
23. I’m bursting with happiness that you’re my friend star bursts

Snack Food
24. You’re a great catch                                             gold fish
25. I like you beary much                                           teddy grahams
26. Everyday I like you s’more                                    smores
27. You’re the apple of my eye                                   apple jacks
28. I’m lucky to have you                                           lucky charms cereal
29. You crack me up                                                 cracker jacks
30. You’re so much fun                                              funyun chips
31. Ahoy Matey, be my valentine                                chips ahoys
32. You’re cool                                                           ice cream, popsicles
33. Will you o’fishally be my valentine?                       gold fish
34. I love you a hole bunch                                        donut Holes
35. We stick together like PB&J;                                 PB&J; Sandwiches
36. I’ve got a crush on you                                         crush soda
37. You’re kool                                                          kool aid
38. I love everything you dew                                     mountain dew
39. You’re the apple of my eye                                   apple juice boxes
40. You melt my heart                                                hot chocolate and marshmallows
41. I soda think you are amazing                                soda

Healthy Food
42. I like you berry much                                            strawberries, blueberries
43. I go bananas over you                                          banana
44. Orange you glad you’re my valentine                     oranges
45. You’re plum perfect                                              plum
46. You’re the apple of my eye                                   apples
47. We make the perfect pear                                    pear
48. I’m nuts about you                                               almonds, peanuts
49. Spread the love                                                    peanut butter
50. To a pop-ular kid                                                  popcorn
51. Olive you                                                              olives
52. Don’t mean to be corny, but will you be my Valentine? corn nuts
53. My heart pops for you                                          Popcorn

School Supplies

54. You rule, Valentine                                               ruler
55. You’re the highlight of my day!                              highlighter
56. Let’s stick together                                              glue
57. You’re just write for me                                        pen, pencil
58. I wheelie like you                                                 matchbox car
59. 52 things I love about you                                    deck of cards
60. I’ve got my eye on you                                        magnifying glass
61. You make my heart glow                                      glow sticks
62. Have a ball this Valentines                                   bouncy ball
63. You blow me away, Valentine                               bubbles
64. Love is a battlefield                                             GI Joe
65. I’m stuck on you                                                  stickers, tattoos
66. I’m wild about you                                               plastic zoo animal
67. You make my heart bounce                                  ball
68. I dig you                                                              shovel
69. Have a Dino-mite Valentines Day                          plastic dinosaur
70. you’re sweet and I’m not lion                                plastic lion

 Useful Things
71. You mean the world to me                                   map, globe
72. Read my lips, Valentine…I’m yours                      chap stick, lip gloss
73. You’re a cut above the rest                                  cookie cutter
74. We’re the perfect pair                                          socks
75. I searched and found the best Valentine                search word book
76. I’ve got my eyes on you                                       google eyes
77. I’m crazy for you                                                  crazy straws
78. You’re sew special to me                                     sewing kit
79. I’m stuck on you                                                  Band-Aids
80. You’re as cute as a button                                   buttons
81. Can’t resist your pull                                            magnet
82. Our class would knot be the same without            friendship bracelet
83. We’re the perfect match                                       matches
84. You can count on me when things get sticky         handi wipes, antibacterial soap
85. I love you sew much                                            sewing kit
86. I was soapin’ you’d be my Valentine                     soap
87. You warm my heart                                              hot pad

Other clever/crafty ideas

88. Thumb body loves you                                        thumbprints
89. I mustache you a question?                                 Will you be my Valentine?
90. Stick with me, Valentine                                       painted twigs
91. You’re just my type                                              typewriter doodle
92. I love ewe                                                            sheep doodle
93. Owl be you’re friend forever                                 owl doodle
94. You’re the obi-one for me                                     star wars
95. I’d love to hang out with you                                clothes pin
96. You’re outta this world                                         rocket ship
97. You’re a hoot                                                      owl doodle
98. You’re a deer to me                                             deer doodle
99. I think you’re a-maze-ing                                      maze
100. I’d pick you any day                                           flower

All of these were originally found here!

Belize is so close, yet so far...

I have currently raised $1150 out of the $2000 needed by March 15th.
I am short by $850! So many people have helped me and I appreciate it more than they will ever know.

For those who might still want to donate you can do so here. If you would like to donate and be able to  use as a write off for 2013 taxes, let me know. You can email me here: :)

This is the University's website explaining the experience. I am so excited to help these children! :)

Harry Wong and SPAGE Conferences...

Today was a lazy day before class. I was off work and spent the day sleeping in and watching my newest obsession of a show. I am sad that it is not yet on NetFlix.

This obsession is known as The Big Bang Theory.
I know, I know it has been on for 6 seasons but that just means I have a ton of episodes to catch up on!
Mr. Word has his Walking Dead and I have The Big Bang Theory. :)

I must admit that I am also becoming pretty fascinated with all things Harry and Rosemary Wong.
We are using this book for my Prep. and Organizing Edu. class:

It is an amazing book. It feels more like a fun read than a book used for a college course.
I am eager to read more of his books and (hopefully) get the chance to see him speak in person at conferences.
I will have to stick to YouTube videos for now, ha!

Ah yes, that brings us to conferences. (I love these things!)
I am a member of SPAGE (Student Professional Association of Georgia Educators) and they are hosting a day conference in my home city of Macon, Georgia. I am super excited!

I have to chose 2 workshops to go to out of all of these:

1. Dealing with/Reducing Stress for First-Year Teachers
2. Effective Time Management
3. Motivating the Student Learner
4. Collaborating with Teachers--Why and How
5. Money for the Classroom
6. Differentiated Instruction - How to Meet the Needs of All Students in the Real World
7. Family Involvement in Education - How to Deal with the Reality of Both Uninvolved and Demanding Parents
8. Common Core Standards—Finding Resources to Teach the Standards

How in the world and I suppose to just choose TWO?! 
I want to go to them all! Oh well, I am hoping there will be notes online after it is over.

Well, that is all I have for tonight...I leave you with this basset awesomeness..

Monday, February 11, 2013

Almost forgot..

Check out the wonders that are Zulily and basset hounds...
They join in these amazing cups that will soon be mine.

This will have "Mrs. Word" on it in pretty vinyl...very excited.

This will be the vessel that will hold my coffee...possibly with the same vinyl as the above.

If you haven't checked out Zuliliy or Groop Dealz, you need to do so.*

* These are my personal thoughts and opinions, I have in no way been compensated for these.