Sunday, January 20, 2013

I have my placement!

I have been placed in my new elementary school to observe/teach/level and I cannot be more excited/nervous.

I have only been placed in Kindergarten and First and I am being placed in 5th!

I cannot wait to see the similarities as well as the huge differences in the students.

Switching topics...Cruise count down starts now: 47 days!

I went last year for a Bachelorette cruise with my Mom and sister and had so much fun!

With my crazy school schedule and Steven's demanding work schedule, we had to wait to take our HoneyMoon in March. He is excited and anxious and I am just ready to get away!

Here are a few fun photos from our Bahama's trip in November.

If you know me, you know my love of flip flops. 
All day, everyday, every season, haha!

Fun on the island!

My sister and I in Freeport at Senior Frog.

My sister and I again at dinner one night. Sadly 
my sash did not give me any advantages on the ship, ha!

Left: Me, Right: Sister, Middle: Mother
Delicious dinner!

Madre and I

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