Sunday, January 20, 2013

I have my placement!

I have been placed in my new elementary school to observe/teach/level and I cannot be more excited/nervous.

I have only been placed in Kindergarten and First and I am being placed in 5th!

I cannot wait to see the similarities as well as the huge differences in the students.

Switching topics...Cruise count down starts now: 47 days!

I went last year for a Bachelorette cruise with my Mom and sister and had so much fun!

With my crazy school schedule and Steven's demanding work schedule, we had to wait to take our HoneyMoon in March. He is excited and anxious and I am just ready to get away!

Here are a few fun photos from our Bahama's trip in November.

If you know me, you know my love of flip flops. 
All day, everyday, every season, haha!

Fun on the island!

My sister and I in Freeport at Senior Frog.

My sister and I again at dinner one night. Sadly 
my sash did not give me any advantages on the ship, ha!

Left: Me, Right: Sister, Middle: Mother
Delicious dinner!

Madre and I

Friday, January 18, 2013

I love Pinterest.

Holy Pinterest. I have found a recipe that Steven asks for every day and it is semi healthy!

I found this first on Pinterest and then a friend of mine talked about how they made it and made me remember that I actually pinned it but never made it.

I attempted it the other night and Steven fell in love with it. Wife duties are done!
He asked for me to recook it so I did and added broccoli (my fav!) 
Below is a picture of how it turned out.
Raw, uncooked on the left and the deliciousness done on the right.

350F in the oven for 1 hour. Simple and delish.

Recipe originally found here:

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Super Important Test and Other Awesome Things...

Today at 7:45, I took one of the most important test I will ever take towards my soon-to-be teaching career. I arrived at the High School to which I took the GACE (Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators) section 002 (math, science health and the arts).

As I walked into the testing classroom, I saw a familiar face and that made me a but less anxious. As I listened to the same spiel that we all know and love, when speaking of standardized test, all I could hear was my wristwatch ticking away.

Finally, we were able to start and I opened my booklet. Surprisingly, I feel as though the 60 multiple choice and 2 response question long test was fairly simple. I will have to wait until February 4th to see my results....anxious already.

In other news, my third to last semester (I still have Summer and Fall semester) starts Monday. I cannot be more excited to hurry this semester along and see familiar faces from my cohort and carpool I have missed. My college has consolidated and we are now the University of North longer Gainesville State College... UNG sounds a lot better in my opinion.

Hm.. well, that is all I can think of tho blog about today, ha!

I have this whole weekend off (THANKS KELLY!!) and I am loving it...maybe I will come up with more interesting things to type about.

OH YES! I am still going to Belize in May and would love donations! If you are reading this and believe in helping those who are less fortunate, help me help the children of Belize with school supplies and a positive experience! This will also be a positive and exciting experience for me and will help me when I venture into the job hunt later this year! Thank everyone in advance!