Friday, September 21, 2012

Thirty-One Happenings...

Okay, so in my last post, I said I would post pictures from the Thirty-One National Conference in Atlanta in early August.

I roomed with these 3 lovely ladies that I did not know going into it but they were very nice.

We stayed at the Westin and this was my lovely view from the 41st floor. This picture was take on a hazy day. On one of the days I could see Stone Mountain from the room!

When we arrived, we got an awesome lanyard adorned with many pins. We got pens everyday for every reason you can think of. I loved how positive everyone was and all of the pretty things we received as amenities.

My team. Somehow, I am always the tallest in the group...always.

Dinner anyone? How about for 17,000+ attendees. We had to have 2 nights of awards because the Congress Center couldn't house all of the crazy purse ladies in one room at all of those tables.

Kind of a blurry picture but this was me in the Live it Up balloon on the way to awards/dinner.

It was a long, long conference but it was fun and I learned a lot.

Now that you have seen all of the fun I have had with this great company, how would you like to help me with 2 missions I have?

If you know me, you know I am passionate about all things teaching/education and helping people/animals. I am using Thirty-One to help with two things.

I am going on a Study Abroad Education Trip in May. The total cost is $1800. This includes everything. I am using all of the proceeds from my 31 money to fund this along with generous donations for dear friends/family. In this trip, we will be changing the lives of the students in a few schools in Belize. We will be supplying them with over 500 lbs of school supplies (10 people x 50 lbs a piece). Last year Gainesville State College also gutted their kitchen and supplied them with all new appliances. I am not certain if they will be doing the same for a different scholl or if they have other plans. I am looking forward to taking my teaching passion overseas and sharing it with kids who may not want to further their education or may not think that they can.

My other endeavor is helping Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia raise as much money as they can. Another passion (some say a slight obsession) are my dogs (2 bassets and a doberman/german mix). I have been volunteering as much as I can (mostly raising funds) since about 2007 after I got my first basset (Bogart) and absolutely fell in love with the breed. Since then I have helped foster (and ultimately adopt) a basset who will forever change my mind about Senior basset, Stanley. This organization is amazing. They have NEVER turned down a basset from a shelter or that was found as a stray. That is something that they hold dear to them and that a lot of rescues cannot say. 

If you would like to contribute to either one of these causes AND get amazingly, cute bags/totes/organizers/accessories, please feel free to click and click "My Parties" and find the one you fancy.

ALL proceeds will go either to my travel fund or BHRG.

I want to thank everyone in advance for donations and support in everything I do!

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