Friday, May 11, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake!

Hello everyone! I know I have been missing for  a little bit. I have been working nonstop due to Mother's day and being our of school for this month. (Hooray much needed wedding money, ha!)

Well, tonight after work, I MADE myself (it wasn't that hard to convince myself, ha.) go to Hobby Lobby, PayLess and Michael's. In those places, I found my card "box", half of my centerpieces for half of my 12 tables and my soon to be shoes. They didn't have my size at that store so I have to go to another in a few days to get them (I got a $4 off coupon for my troubles, that was interesting). I also bought some glue to make my cake stands that I have been obsessing to make, I finally made a few. I am not sure how many I will end of having.

Below are my prototypes. I have to say, I am pleased. You might see these beauties at the wedding serving you your delicious cake!

Please excuse the wine bottles in the back and the previous renter's stains on the counter top. WHO PUTS IN WHITE COUNTERS?!..annoying. Anyways, they are donations to my "Erika needs EVERYONE'S wine bottles and corks" fund. If you have any, please feel free to donate to make my day pretty. :)

I hope to update again with my finished card box and other goodies for the wedding.

Don't forget to visit our wedding website and check things out, request some songs and leave us some feedback. :)

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