Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lace Wrapped Votives

What you need:

I wrapped it around once to get the length I would need and once that was found, I cut my entire ribbon spool into appropriate lengths. I found that 3 yards covers about 15 votives.

The you will hot glue one end and wrap it around. I found, to speed up the process, if you do a line of glue and then quickly wrap it around and make it long enough to overlap your glue, you will only have to glue once. Saved one step of having to glue 2x.

Finished product:

This was my first one and I was experimenting with placement. I actually decided I liked it better placed in the middle so I continued to do them that way, unlike the picture where I placed it on the bottom.

30 down, 41 to go. I ran out of ribbon, haha.

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