Monday, April 30, 2012

One More Final and I am FREE!

One more Education final and I am in the clear to Pinterest my heart out with wedding ideas, sleep, work at my other job and work out!

I joined a gym to "shed for the wed"ding and I am super excited about that! I am giving myself this month to lose lose lose.

I want to go back in the Summer and have all of the people in my cohort unable to recognized me.

I have the dress, the venue, the DeeJay, the caterer, the photographer and I am pretty sure about the cake maker. I am almost set. Now it is time to get in there and tweak the small things. At times I would like to have a wedding planner but once the day comes and I know all of the awesomeness in the venue is because of me, it will make the night even more special. :)

If you would like to, leave me a comment stating what the best and/or worst thing you have seen/done at a wedding.

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