Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Last Observations

Yesterday, I finished up my last hours with my precious Kindergartners. They were sweet and oh so eager to learn...very eager. :)  It was a good day to end it, Valentine's day! This busy Kindergarten class was completely different from my first observation school of 75% ELL students. I enjoyed having a complete opposite school to compare my first semester in the Early Childhood Education cohort. It really showed me that no matter the race/gender/home situation/socioeconomic status of the children, they all just want to please the teacher and succeed at school.

My next venture is to observe/level my wonderful first grade, ELL student. After observing her last semester and seeing how much she wanted to learn and be correct, she made me want to help those who do not speak English as a first language. She has overcome the English barrier and has excelled so much in the 4 months since I last observed her. I have to observe/level/interact one more time with her and I can only hope that she stays at this elementary school so I can check in with her and see her continuous progress.

The children at this high ELL population school are some of the most loving and hard working students I have ever had the pleasure of being around. I never leave the school without at least 20 hugs, some ever from children I have never spoken to. It is the small things like this that further my passion to be the best teacher that I can be.


  1. Awww, I love reading this post. I am a 1st grade ELL teacher and also a teacher at a Title 1 school. My kiddos come from homes where there may not be a lot of makes my job so much more important because I might be the only ones to love them that day.

    I am now a follower and would love for you to visit me when you get the chance. =)

    Heather's Heart

  2. Hooray! My first follower. :)
    I just started following you as well.

    I love ELL students. The college I attend is in a county with a high population of ELL students so my degree with have an endorsement to work with ELL students and something about literacy.

    I cannot wait to start teaching. December 2013!! :)