Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Skipped my introduction..oops :)

      Hello everyone! I just realized that I probably should have introduced myself for those who might actually read this. :)

     My name is Erika Barbee (soon to be Word...I kind of jumped the gun on the name for now..I get married in December..yay!). I have an Associate in Art and I will soon have an Associate in Early Childhood Education. I am in the Early Childhood Education Program at Gainesville State College in Gainesville, Ga. I am working on my Bachelors while working at Hallmark.
     As I stated above, I am soon to be wed in December to the greatest man I could ever imagine. I was meant to be a teacher with the (soon to be) last name of WORD. :) We have 3, I mean...dogs; 2 bassets and one German Shepherd/Doberman mix. We love them like they were of the human kind and I am sure you will see them on more than one occasion during my post.

     I enjoy educating the kids who will make this world a better place, volunteering with animal rescues to give animals a second chance at love, photographing inanimate objects**, the history of both this country and others that are far far older and simply learning any and everything I can to help me share it with everyone I meet.

     With this blog, I hope (once I get out there more and more) I can help those "Teacher Candidates" who are nervous/excited/confused/upset/ all of the above sort things out. I would also be honored for veteran teachers to share their knowledge with me to help me help others with any questions.

     I believe this is a good attempt to sum myself and my intentions up in one post. :) Like I stated in my very first post. I am going to try to update once a day if anything exciting/interesting happens.

     If you would like to comment, please feel free. I enjoy any kind of constructive criticism, suggestions and the like. :)

** Barbee Photography

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